I’d like to tell you a little bit about who I am.

I was born in Livorno November 30, 1950. Music was my passion, so much so that at fourteen, I formed my first band, then a second, the Pioneers. I joined a group of professional musicians, led by Livio Marchetti. With Livio Marchetti, we played in night clubs and then set sail on MV Island Princess. With the Island Princess, we cruised the seas of the Caribbean; we hit Venezuela, Panama, Mexico and Hawaii.

On the Island Princess, I met a beautiful girl, an American singer born in Los Angeles, Char Fontane. I left the ship, I married Char and I remained in America. Our son Shaun was born in 1974. Shaun now lives in Michigan. I love him and respect him a lot, because he is brave, talented and... he's my son.

I remained in the States almost five years living in Los Angeles, Miami and New York. In the meantime I got divorced from Char and returned home to Livorno, Italy.

Soon after my return to Livorno, I went to Rome to be part of Pandemonium, a group of the Rca. I played with them until 1980.

I also played with the Orchestra Cinefonica of Rome, playing with great composers. The Orchestra Cinefonica did not live long, thus forming the Union Musicians, of which I belonged. There I met Ennio Morricone, Nicola Piovani, Luis Bacalov, Stelvio Cipriani, Pino Donaggio, Manuel De Sica... and I kept playing in dozens of soundtracks.

I met Sandra in 1986, and at the end of that year we got married. Silvia was born in 1989, my great love, who now lives in Rome and studies architecture.

A new divorce brings pain, frustrations, and tears.

Meanwhile, I start writing, I like writing, I feel free, and it makes me feel good.

Pupi Avati called me and I wrote my first screenplay for the film which was directed by Massimo Martella. Then, again for a production of Avati, I wrote, along with other writers, a soap opera and a sitcom.

It was only a matter of time that I started writing books, so far 6 in total with my latest e-book.

My first published book is entitled "Vuoi tu prenderla in sposa finché qualcosa non vi separi?”

Then came my second book, "L'odore di un’immagine", then "La figlia della Notte".

After my second book, I left Rome and returned to Livorno, my hometown.

Another new book, "Dieci modi per morire" came out. There was more I wanted to do so

with Marco Conte and Luca Dal Canto we opened a cinema school in Livorno where I teach creative writing, collaborating with the city newspaper.

Then, Marco, Luca and I were thrown into an adventure: With so much talent in Livorno, we shoot an episode of a TV drama which not only are we extremely proud of but we also produced with no cost involved! We are awaiting the response from some producers with the hopes of it being shown on Italian television in the future.

My sixth book just came out and is my first e-book: "Lo storno e la poiana" which I hope someday soon be the first book that will be translated into English.

There are more projects and adventures to come. I will continue to write, teach, and produce. Yes, music still plays an important part of my life! I am a part of the Jazzin' in Blue Jeans Quartet.

My English page

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